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posted Jan 6, 2015, 12:33 PM by Lorraine Lonegan
I would like to start having show and tell with the class. FRIDAY will be show and tell day every week. On FRIDAYS, beginning this week, January 9, please let your child choose a small item to bring to show their classmates. I do not require a specific theme for the object.It should be something that they can talk about to the other children.
Please place the show and tell in a bag  labeled with your child's name. It will be kept in the "show and tell hiding spot" until the big reveal! Help the children use common sense when choosing an item. No weapons or anything resembling a weapon  of any kind should be brought into school. 
THIS Monday, January, 12, our class is in charge of the dress/down bake sale day. We NEED EVERY family to donate a bakery item that can be individually bagged and sold to students for $ .50-2.00. 
The proceeds of this bake sale will go towards the cost of renting the "Fun Bus" for one hour. The Pre K-3 charters out the FUN BUS on field day because we do not take the children across the street. The cost for one hour on the fun bus is $300. We really need this bake sale to help us raise the money for the class to have a wonderful experience. Please bake if you can, or if you purchase an item for us to sell, please consider something that can be- or comes-  individually wrapped. There are less germs spread if we can keep everything covered.  The large Costo cookie or Little Debbie snacks are some examples. Please send in 2 dozen of your item as we the whole school is offered the bake sale at lunch time and there are 260 children in the school. The dress down money is being donated to Hackensack University Medical Center's Juvenile Diabetes fund.  If you have any questions about this, please e-mail me or call Mrs. Abdelhafiez, our class mother. We could also use some volunteers to set up the sale. You would need to be here at 11:00 A.M. to set up and sell the items from 11:30-12:30. Please consider helping us out. 

I am glad we all had a restful break. Mrs. Kling and I missed the children and we are happy to be back together with them again. Thank you for all of the generous gifts you gave us. We truly have a wonderful group.