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Respect Week

posted Oct 6, 2014, 12:13 PM by Lorraine Lonegan
This week at St. Leo's we are celebrating Respect week. We are all going to practice ways to "bee" kind to one another. If you are able, please check out Camp Respect in our front hallway. Camp Respect is a wonderful place where everyone cares for each other, our Earth, our community, our school, and our families. Everyone at St. Leo's colored a bee to fly off to camp and rejoice in helpfulness and kindness. In each classroom, we are filling a jar with marshmallows -one for each act of kindness noticed by a classmate or teacher-  to be filled by Friday. If it is all complete, we will make s'mores with the "big kids"Please encourage respectful and kind behavior at home as well. 
Tomorrow morning there is a family prayer service at 8:15 in the gym. You may attend if you wish. Please drop your child off in back as usual, then park in the church lot and enter throught the front door to the gym where we will pray as a school community. 
We are working on letter D in our classroom this week. Today we did our introduction sheet and tomorrow we will review. We had a wonderful relay race gym class with Mr. Parillo today . Tomorrow we have computer and library.