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Letter of the week begins!

posted Sep 15, 2014, 11:52 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Today we started our journey through the alphabet. The class was introduced to upper case and lower case a . I plan to introduce a letter each Monday and have the class project reinforce that lesson. The work they did today is in their backpack. It is excellent. The students had gym with Mr. Parillo for the first time today. They had a fabulous time doing an obstacle course. Make sure to ask your child about it!

Your children are really getting used to using the learning centers and the items in them. It is going very well. 

Drop off and dismissal begins at the pre K- 4 door in the back schoolyard this week. 

Back to school night is tomorrow following the home school meeting. Since we had our Pre K- 3 orientation, you do not need to attend this as an informational session  in our classroom. You are welcome to attend the home school meeting and hear what we are all about here at St. Leo's. Mrs. Kling and I will be in the classroom tomorow night if you wish to stop in.

Please try to send in the smaller water bottles for your child's snack and lunch.  The larger ones are difficult for our tiny friends to manipulate and much water has been landing on the floor. If I had an emoticon here, it would be sad face.