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Letter F week and other information

posted Oct 20, 2014, 11:09 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
This week is letter F week. The children in this class are really listening. I always introduce each letter by showing the upper case and lower case letters in the "Partner Pair" and we check if they look like same versions of one another or if they are different in shape and size. Today at center time after we did our F work , I found a group of children on the circle time rug examining the partner pair letters printed on the carpet and discussing their similarities and differences.  As I told you on Back- to- school Night "It's not always in the backpack!"  They are learning and retaining so much.
In the morning we have sharing time and every child who wishes to gets to tell something they did since we were last together. I can see that you are all providing many life learning experiences for your children. Remember, even something as simple as a trip to the supermarket can be a time for your child to notice the number of cans in a row, the color of the cucumbers, and the shape of boxes.
Our letter F papers did not come home today as I did not get the chance to sticker them, but the children did a great job and they will be coming home with the review sheet on Wednesday. No school tomorrow as the faculty will be meeting with other teachers from the Archdiocese. 
Remember to send in your tricky tray early bird price ticket purchase by October 24. This is a greatly discounted price for a great night.