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Date correction and classroom notes

posted May 13, 2015, 10:44 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
I incorrectly published the date for field day in the blog yesterday. The correct date is Thursday, May 21. The dismissal on that day is early dismissal with no after care to start off the Memorial Day holiday. That is why our teams are red and blue this year instead of gold and blue.  
Please make sure your child has a sweatshirt with them in their backpack for the rest of the year. We are using the air conditioner daily to help clear the air for allergy sufferers. 
The class is working hard on their number booklets as well as getting ready for our completion show. The number booklets will come home as a whole so no work has been sent home in the backpack this week. You will find the collection envelope in the backpack today. We are taking the children to Mass at 10 A.M. tomorrow so please send the envelope back with a donation for the use of the Spiritual Life committee. 
Thank you for the donations you have been sending in for water day. May I add paper towels to that list? We are on our last roll and it just occurred to me that we will probably be needing them that day! Thank You!