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Christmas Show! Save the Date! Thanksgiving Party and announcements

posted Nov 19, 2014, 11:26 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Please save the date for our Pre- K and Kindergarten Christmas show. The show is scheduled for Tuesday, December 9 at 9:15 A.M. Each of the grades, Pre-K, 3 Pre-K 4, Transitions, and Kindergarten will sing the songs they have been working on in music class with Mrs. N.  The Kindergarten will then present the Nativity.  The children should wear their fancy Christmas clothes for the show. The show will take one hour and is generally followed by refreshments. More details will follow as plans are finalized. 
This week is letter J week and we have had JOY learning our J letter and sound. 
Our Thanksgiving celebration will be taking place next Tuesday. We always do this on the last full day before vacation because there is no after care on the half day before a long holiday break.  If any of the children need full day care and can not attend the half day prior to break, they can still be part of the party.  Please remember to send in any item Mrs. Abdelhafiez has assigned to you for the Thanksgiving bash.  
I would really appreciate it if anyone could donate water and small cups. On Mondays and Wednesdays, the children have gym and they really need a drink afterward. I ran out of the cups and water that I had here. I am willing to get it, but I keep forgetting until the moment I need it! I made a deal with the students today.. whoever remembers can bring it! I mean the really small cups, bathroom size. I will store this in the closet, so, if more than one person reading this, contributes, great! Please, keep it" flowing" in throughout the rest of the year!