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A short but wonderful week.

posted Feb 20, 2015, 11:01 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
In our three day week this week, we learned about Lent, Washington's Birthday, Lincoln's Birthday, and Chinese New Year!  The Chinese lanterns and pictures we made came home today, but we are decorating our classroom with Presidents Washington and Lincoln.
On Monday we will resume letter of the week with letter R. I will not be in school on Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. Fessel will be in to work with Mrs. Kling. I will be attending a two day teacher workshop. I chose to attend this because I have been using the speaker's materials for many years and I would love to meet her. I'm sure I will bring back valuable information as there are 8 sessions that I will be attending over two days. Sadly, I will miss Tuesday's 100 day celebration, but I told the class to save me a cupcake! 
Have a safe weekend. Please keep your eyes on the website and especially the family folder tab as I will not be blogging again until Wednesday.