Last Day Tomorrow

posted Jun 11, 2015, 11:59 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

Sadly, our last day together is tomorrow. This has been an absolutely wonderful year. Thank you so much for blessing us with your children. 
Remember that our show is tomorrow at 9AM in the gym. Please send your child in at regular 8AM entrance time tomorrow dressed in a festive outfit. Dismissal will follow the show and refreshments. Please plan on taking your child with you at that time. (Approx. 10:15 or 10:30)

So close to saying farewell. Important news regarding our last day.

posted Jun 9, 2015, 11:39 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

It's hard to believe this wonderful year has whittled down to a countable number of hours. Here is some important news regarding Friday. 
Our last day of school is this Friday, June 12. The children should arrive at regular time 8 A.M. Please dress your child in a fancy/performance worthy outfit .Our completion ceremony will be held at 9 A.M. in the school gym. Refreshments will follow in our classroom, room 103.
The entire morning's festivities will run until approximately 10:30. At that time, your child will be DISMISSED with you or a family member.  Thank you for a wonderful year.  

We will have water day on Friday 6/5

posted Jun 4, 2015, 11:01 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

We are going to have water day tomorrow. Once we get to school and check the weather situation, we may have to make modifications to our original plans, but we will have a fun day. Your child does not need to bring a snack or a lunch. We are providing the snack tomorrow. There is no lunch necessary as it is a 12:15 dismissal for First Friday Faculty meeting.  I do not think we will have time for show and tell tomorrow. (sad face emoticon goes here.)
Next Friday,after our show and refreshments you will be taking your child home with you as we wind up this fantastic year. That is the end of the year for us. No school the rest of that day and the next week. 
Please keep checking the webpage and Family folder for any last minute information from St. Leo's.

So sorry about Water Day.

posted Jun 1, 2015, 11:39 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

We are planning to have water day on Friday. I am hoping the weather co-operates. If not, we will have to go back to Miss Koval to see if we are clear to do it on another calendar day. 
Tomorrow is dress down and bake sale day. The children may dress down for a 1 dollar donaton to the American Cancer society. the proceeds of the bake sale go to grade 2. 

Wizard of Oz and other important messages

posted May 29, 2015, 9:45 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

This is Wizard of Oz weekend here at St. Leo's. The show is being performed in the gym at 7 P.M. on both Friday and Saturday nights. Tickets are 10.00    
PLEASE keep a sweatshirt in your child's backpack. We WILL be leaving the air conditioner on ALL DAY as per Miss Koval. The children sometimes say they are cold and they do not have a sweatshirt with them. I remind them every day to bring one. Since they are so small, I now appeal to you to pack it for them daily. 
Monday is water day. Please refer to yesterday's blog for info. 
Tuesday is dress down bake sale day sponsored by grade 2. Bake sale benefits the American Cancer Society.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Water Day is Monday

posted May 28, 2015, 11:56 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

Thank you for all the supplies you have been sending in for water day. We are almost all set with everything we need. The only things we could use are a few more plastic painting smocks and some water spray bottles. (to spritz the children if they get hot)  If you have any at home, we would like to borrow your item for the day please. Mrs Peterson has the agenda for all of the day's fun games and activities almost perfected. We are waiting on some final approvals from Miss Koval and then we are all clear. You DO NOT have to send in a snack for your child on that day. We will be providing it for them as a special treat. We are all looking forward to a wonderful time. 
Remember to come see "The Wizard of Oz" this weekend! The school has been working very hard to present an exceptional production of this beloved musical.  Performances are at 7 P.M. this Friday and Saturday. 
Please check the family folder and the school home page to keep up with the many announcements and activities that June will bring. Look for our special moving up ceremony invitation in your child's bookbag tomorrow.  
Show and tell tomorrow. One item only please. 

Field day and May 26

posted May 20, 2015, 1:06 PM by Lorraine Lonegan

Tomorrow is Field Day. If you purchased a field day shirt, your child may wear it with comfortable pants or school sweat pants. If you did not purchase a shirt, please have your child wear their regular school uniform tomorrow. For Field day Please do these things
1.  Put sunscreen on your child at home. We can NOT do it here. 
2.  Send in a snack as usual.
3.  Send in an extra water bottle with your child's name on it. 

1 .  Send Lunch. All students will be treated to a picnic lunch provided by St. Leo's.
2.  Do not forget that everyone must be picked up at one. Part time students are welcome to stay till 1 also. No aftercare. 

On Tuesday, May 26 there will be a dress down /bake sale. The proceeds of the bake sale will go to 2x Jason and Justin's journey. There will also be a raffle for a 5 pound Hershey bar on that day. If you wish to participate in the raffle, the ticket price is one dollar. 
Please check the May/June family folder for the half day June First Friday bagel snack sale. We have no order forms left so please print and send in the form if you are interested in ordering. 

All of our enrichment teachers, Mrs. Geisler, Mr. Parillo and Mrs. Palmieri have class page blogs also. Be sure to check out the activities they offer our students. 

In case Field Day tires me out too much for me to blog tomorrow, I would like to take this time to wish you a safe and restful Memorial Day Holiday. God Bless our troops. God Bless the U.S.A.!

This week's news notes

posted May 18, 2015, 10:40 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

Today was a very beautiful day to show our affection to Mother Mary. We did not end up taking the children to the church service, because the older children said a rosary and we felt that our age level would not be able to focus for that length of time. We went outside and presented flowers to the outdoor statue of the Virgin Mary and said the Hail Mary prayer. Look for the picture we colored today and the religion booklet referencing Mary in your child's backpack today.
Tomorrow is dress down/ bake sale sponsored by grade 4. Dress down proceeds will be donated to the March of Dimes.
On Thursday, Field day, please have your child report to school at the normal time.We will take them out to the back playground after the games are set up. The fun bus will be parked back there also and will be entertaining the children in small groups. A picnic lunch will be served at 11:30 to all students. If your child attends until part time, you may pick them up in the school playground at 12:30. The full timers will be dismissed as usual from the Pre K-4 door at 1:00. There is NO aftercare that day. PLEASE be sure your child is picked up at 1 or before.  
Thank you for all the water day donations and paper towels that you have been sending in.

Date correction and classroom notes

posted May 13, 2015, 10:44 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

I incorrectly published the date for field day in the blog yesterday. The correct date is Thursday, May 21. The dismissal on that day is early dismissal with no after care to start off the Memorial Day holiday. That is why our teams are red and blue this year instead of gold and blue.  
Please make sure your child has a sweatshirt with them in their backpack for the rest of the year. We are using the air conditioner daily to help clear the air for allergy sufferers. 
The class is working hard on their number booklets as well as getting ready for our completion show. The number booklets will come home as a whole so no work has been sent home in the backpack this week. You will find the collection envelope in the backpack today. We are taking the children to Mass at 10 A.M. tomorrow so please send the envelope back with a donation for the use of the Spiritual Life committee. 
Thank you for the donations you have been sending in for water day. May I add paper towels to that list? We are on our last roll and it just occurred to me that we will probably be needing them that day! Thank You!

So many dates! Lengthy but necessary for you to read and record.

posted May 12, 2015, 11:07 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

There are many special events coming up on the St. Leo's School calendar. Please keep an eye on our home page and in the Family Folder for details.  
Tonight is the 5-8 grade Science Fair. You may come to the gym between 6 and 8 P.M. tonight if you would like to see the projects. Our full time students visited there this afternoon. 
We will be attending Mass this Thursday at 10 A.M. with the children. It is Ascension Thursday. We will be doing a special collection for the use of the St. Leo Spiritual Life Committee. An envelope will be sent home with your child for this offering.  May 18 at 10 A.M. will be the annual May crowning in the Church. We would like to take the children to the Church for this blessed event also.  On Tuesday May 19, there will be a St. Leo's School Home School Association Meeting at 7 P.M.in the gym. Before the meeting, at 6 P.M. there will be an Art Fair which will showcase the talents of our students.  May 19 is also a dress down /bake sale day sponsored by grade 4. The dress down collection will be given to the March of Dimes. 
 May 20 is Field Day. The early childhood department will be doing activities of our own in the back playground and we will not be going across the street. We will also have the FUN BUS in the back for groups of children to enjoy for a half hour per group. All students, Full and Part time are invited to stay and join the school-wide picnic lunch. Part timers can then be picked up at 12:30 and full timers at 1:00. There will be NO aftercare that day.  Rain date for Field Day is May 29. No school on Friday, May 22 and Monday, May 25. When we return from the Memorial Day Holiday, our next major event is the Wizard Of Oz musical. Tickets for the show are offered through the family folder. The students have been working very hard on this production and it promises to be wonderful! There will be a show on Friday May 29 and again on Saturday May 30. Hopefully, it can then fit into all schedules! 
As you read on the flyer in your child's backpack. we will be having "Water Day" on June 1. It promises to be a fun morning for Pre K-3, PreK-4, and Transitions. Mrs. Peterson who has done this event before, assures me that no one will get soaking wet. OK. I believe her. I think!   
Friday, June 12 will be our completion ceremony and end of school party. Please join us at 9 A.M. that morning for our little show.  More info will follow regarding this. 
If your child has a summer birthday and you would like to send in a birthday treat, please see me for an open date. Nicolas Andersen is bringing his treats in on Monday, June 8.
 I will attempt to include these dates individually on this blog as they come up in the next few weeks. I just felt that I needed to get them all out there at least once prior so you could incorporate them into your schedule.

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