Your Fabulous children

posted Apr 13, 2016, 10:30 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Unfortunately this morning your child had to encounter an unpleasant moment when we were evacuated from the school building to the church basement. Someone who was obviously not thinking clearly called in a threat to our police department among others. We were in the church for approximately an hour and a half. I had each child quickly grab their lunch box as we exited and I grabbed some books, so we were in good shape while we were sequestered. The children behaved beautifully and not one "I'm scared" or tear was shed. I told them that someone who did not belong in our school building may have come in so the police were going to check the building to make sure there was no stranger to take out.  It is so unfortunate that your children and my grandchildren will live with this as their norm.  I want to assure you that this process from start to finish went very well. St. Leo's has an excellent emergency plan with contingencies for many types of emergencies. This plan was written with input from the Elmwood Park Police Department and is carefully studied by our faculty and staff. I am very proud of your children, our faculty, staff, administration, the E.P Police, and Fire Department who all worked so well together this morning to ensure the safety of your children. On to Thursday with a smile!