World Appreciation Day

posted Feb 2, 2016, 10:16 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Today we celebrated both Groundhog Day and World Appreciation Day.
This morning in our classroom, we learned about shadows and groundhogs, groundhog day and weather. We read the books "Guess Whose Shadow?" by Stephen Swinburne and"Ten Grouchy Groundhogs" by Kathryn Heling. I stressed to the children that one was a" for real" teaching book with actual pictures of people and objects and one was a" for fun" book to make us laugh. We also colored a picture about Catholic Schools Week which came home in the bookbag today. 
Yesterday we sent home an explanation of our World Awareness Day project, Building Today at at 2PM assembly we had the chance to present it to the school so the children could learn about the cause and consider supporting it. That is what I ask from all of you also. Please read the paper we sent home and look at the website of this charity. Please think about donating some money or used legos to this organization. There is no better way to teach our children than by example. Thank You! Please send in any donations as soon as possible.