Welcome Back!

posted Jan 5, 2016, 10:42 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Welcome back to the beginning of a brand new year! For our classroom, it is a grand time to resume a school calendar year which has been incredible so far! I am sure you can tell how much the children are learning. I am so proud of them. Their skills, both social and academic, are getting better every day. 
I hope you got a chance to read the note I sent home yesterday regarding show and tell. I think the children are ready to explain an item to their friends and to listen while their classmates do the same. Please allow them to bring one item only. A set of 8 Disney Princess dolls is 8 items, not one. Unless we keep it simple, the class gets too distracted to focus on their friend's presentation. Please send the item to school in a bag labeled with your child's name. That way it can be a surprise to their friends. We will do show and tell every Friday.  
This week is letter M week. We completed 2 letter M sheets today. They are in your child's backpack. Yesterday we read "Here We Go Round the Year" a story about how the months of the year pass by. We made a Baby New Year 2016 yesterday and it is hanging on the wall outside our classroom. We started letter M yesterday by reading"My Letter M book" and today we read "Monkey's Miserable Monday"and" The Magic Moon Machine." Yesterday we had a fantastic Spanish class with Ms. Torres. Today we enjoyed music class with Mrs. N. Everyone was so good in music that Mrs. N gave each child a sticker.