Weekend reminders and new business

posted Sep 25, 2015, 11:38 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Please print, sign and return the technology and parent handbook forms from our website. 
Yesterday you received information on picture day.Please follow the payment instructions on the envelope as per the company.  Fall pictures will be taken IN UNIFORM on Wednesday, September 30. It is at this time that the class picture and individual shots are taken.  The photographer returns in the spring. For spring pictures, your child may wear an outfit of your choice. Only individuals, no class pictures are taken in the spring. 
There will be a prayer service honoring St. Francis on Friday, October 2. Please send in photos of any family pets you would like us to pray for. 
Next Friday, October 2 is also our first half day. We will have half day first Friday dismissal once a month. Teachers will have educational seminars as a group in the afternoons. On those days, dismissal will be at NOON. (Unless your child is enrolled in aftercare and we are notified that they will be staying) F.Y.I.-- there are some half days during the year such as those before holiday breaks, that there will be a NOON dismissal and NO aftercare. This is already on the school website under school calendar.  Please check that if this applies to your situation.  I will send the bedding home to be laundered each month on the Thursday before first Friday half day.That way you have the long weekend wash it.
We are now done with letter B week and the buzzing bee in the backpack today is saying "Bye B!" Next week we conquer letter C.