Tomorrow ---Friday April 8

posted Apr 7, 2016, 10:18 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Tomorrow is show and tell. A few of the children have been forgetting, so I wanted to send this reminder.  Tomorrow is also a dress down day. The preferred color is purple. A donation of $1.00 is requested for this dress down and it will be donated to the Lustgarten foundation for Pancreatic cancer research. 
Today to reinforce the letter V  we made the lovely plate of vegetables that is in your child's backpack. We also read a very funny book featuring Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert called "Vegetable Soup"
The children had library with Mrs. Geisler today and also gym with Mr. Parillo.
Yesterday I did not blog, but I hope you enjoyed the vowel letter project that came home. Please be sure to check the inside of the religion page that came home yesterday also. The children cut out the shapes that they glued!  They are doing well with the scissors. Please keep practicing this skill with them at  home now and through the summer as they are expected to cut most things themselves next year in both Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Arcuri's classes.