Today in Pre K-3

posted Nov 11, 2015, 10:45 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Today we talked about the Pilgrims coming to this land because the King wanted them to attend only his church. They loved seeing the finger puppets acting this out.  We then covered the meeting of the Pilgrims and Native Americans and their co-operating to bring about the first Thanksgiving. 
We made a cornucopia this morning which I now have hanging in the classroom. 
Today we were fortunate to be able to watch the wreath and flag being saluted across the street in the park at the Veterans Day Service. We watched from our classroom window and even caught a bit of our  St. Leo School eighth grader, Isabel Cruz, singing the national anthem. I did try to tell the children who our veterans are, but I am not quite sure they fully understood. 
We colored our letter I reinforcement sheet today. It is in your child's backpack along with the shape house they made last week on the day Kayden was here. 
Please send in your 2 cans of cranberry sauce for the school wide feast as soon as you can. I would also ask you to consider sending in a box of cereal and/ or a a box of crackers for the St. Leo's Church food pantry. Our social concerns committee fills many boxes to give to the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each grade in the school helps out with these donations. Our assigned food is the cereal and crackers.  You can donate to this pantry at any time of the year as community members in need receive these baskets as often as the products are available. Some items always needed are peanut butter, jelly, coffee, tea, sugar, soup and other canned goods, cereal, rice, pasta, and sauce.  Thank you for considering this worthy cause.