Thursday is field day

posted May 23, 2016, 11:29 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
This Thursday, May 26, is field day at St. Leo's.  The preschool classes have a different activity schedule than the upper grades. We stay in the back lot and play our games there. We do not want the small children crossing the street and we also have the Fun Bus coming for our little ones so it needs to pull into the back playground. 
If your child ordered a field day shirt, it will be arriving soon. The children should wear that shirt or their regular uniform shirt and the uniform shorts or sweatpants, whichever the weather dictates. NO SANDALS! All children must wear sneakers.  Keep in mind we are planning activities with shaving cream, bubbles, and water, so your child will get messy and could possibly get wet. 
Your child will need to bring a bottle of water labeled with their name and a beach towel. If you want your child to wear sunscreen, you MUST apply it at home. I am not permitted to put it on your child. A small snack of pretzels and water will be provided by the teachers, so do not send in snack. Lunch is also provided on field day for the whole school. After the games, the Home School Association cooks us a sumptuous barbecue lunch. At the end of the day, 1 O'clock, all students will be dismissed. There is NO aftercare on Thursday field day. 
The Fun Bus is a great activity space for our kids. A school parent, Mrs. Chrissy Truberg, owns and operates this business and takes this specially outfitted bus to schools for activity times and is available for birthday parties. You may call the school if you have any other questions regarding the Fun Bus.