Thank you for sending your child to camp!

posted Oct 5, 2015, 10:59 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Yes, that's right. Camp! This week at St. Leo's school it is Camp Kindness Week. In conjunction with the State of NJ anti-bullying week, we are running our own program. Camp Kindness. We started the week off taking a kindness pledge and saying prayers with the "big kids" in the gym. When we got back to our classroom we made bees. For Beeing kind. These bees are beeing made by each St.Leo teacher and student and will be hanging throughout the hallways of our school. We have a water jug in our classroom that we fill from "Kindness Creek water" each time we notice someone being kind. Our class did very well this morning and added water to our jug many times!
Tomorrow we will read "I Got It " the journey of a disabled little boy, Kayden Kinkle
Wednesday we will have an assembly to discuss Kayden. Thursday we will have a journey down Kindness Creek in gym class with school counselor, Ms DeRose and Mr. Parillo. Thursday is also a dress down day to raise funds for Kayden Kinkle.  AND Thursday is our visit from the Elmwood Park Fire Department.  Friday is a fake campfire in the gym for all grades. Please check the school website for more details on this fun and educational week.
In the classroom, this week is letter D week. The introduction work came home with your child today. 
WEDNESDAY IS PICTURE DAY. same instructions as last week!
Have a wonderful night and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at