Pre K-3 and The blustery Day

posted Nov 13, 2015, 10:23 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Yes, I borrowed the title from A.A. Milne, but it fits!
Today we were able to tie in both of this weeks themes, letter i and Thanksgiving. Our project today was of an I Indian. We have been discussing all week how the Pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated the First Thanksgiving. I did use the term Indian on this project solely to tie in the letter i sound. I want you to know I have been using the terms Native Americans or Native American Indians this week. Please know I am not being insensitive. The project is in your child's backpack today. 
We had a wonderful technology class with Ms. Palmieri today after which we did go outside and experience this blustery day for awhile. We lost 2 balls under the trailers, but Mr. Johanssen got them out for us already. 
Thank you for sending in your products for the school wide feast and the food pantry. A reminder for those who have not sent, 2 cans of cranberry sauce for the feast and cereal and/ or crackers for the pantry. Thank you!
Have a wonderful weekend.