My big oops!

posted Oct 26, 2015, 10:09 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
In my blog post on Friday, I said that our party would be in the morning and the children would be dismissed after the parade. That is incorrect. After the parade the children will return to the classroom until dismissal at 12. I'm sorry to have published the wrong information. So, between the parade and dismissal, you have time to run to Dunkin for 2 pumpkin lattes...(one for you, one for me!  Sharing is caring!) or over to Walgreen's to stock up on your Halloween candy.
Today I introduced letter g. We are concentrating on the hard g sound as it sounds in Ghost. As a matter of fact, we made a Green and Gold Ghost today! It is hanging in the classroom.  We did touch on soft g as in giraffe, but I will concentrate on the hard g sound. The introduction paper is coming home today. They all did a GREAT job. 
Mrs. Torres came in today and gave an amazing Spanish lesson. That paper is in the backpack also.