Lunch program begins on September 21

posted Sep 15, 2015, 1:07 PM by Lorraine Lonegan
If you are interested in ordering lunch for your child, you must order through our vendor in the family folder. It is a brand new program at our school this year and it seems like it will work out very well. The lunches will begin on September 21. 
Today was the beginning of letter A week. We learned that all letters have a partner, (a large and small letter) We saw both letters, heard the sounds" a" makes and read a book about letter A words.  We colored our letter A introduction sheet and it came home in today's backpack. We will do a similar sheet in the beginning of each with week with all the letters as we go through the alphabet. 
We had our first music class with Mrs. N. today !Be sure to ask your child how they liked playing and singing in music class.
Tomorrow we are going to learn an apple rhyme and color a sheet about apples. 
Remember to go to to schedule your "Protecting God's Children" class if you wish to participate in any activities with the children this year. Thank You!