Letter C week

posted Sep 28, 2015, 11:48 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
We started letter C week with our classroom introduction and worksheet. The children brought their wonderful papers home for you to see.  
Today we had our first fire drill. We were all surprised by the loud buzzer but we did very well leaving the building. For this first time, Mrs. Lonegan held hands with 3 of the children and Miss Lisa held hands with 3 of the children. The procedure is that we exit through Mrs. Peterson's room (Pre K 4) we continue back through the schoolyard toward the trailers and then turn and face the school in a quiet single file line to wait for more instructions. I will practice this with the children again very soon so that we get used to going out without holding hands. I discussed fire safety very lightly with the class after the drill this morning. I will discuss it again when I am not surprised!! The Elmwood Park Fire Department will be coming to discuss safety and show the fire engine on OCTOBER 8. I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU ALSO DISCUSS FIRE SAFETY AT HOME. aLL OF THE CHILDREN ASSURED ME THAT THEY DID not HAVE SMOKE ALARMS AT HOME! i KNOW WITH AT LEAST 3 FIREFIGHTERS IN OUR FAMILIES, THAT THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT REALITY, SO PLEASE CALL THEIR ATTENTION TO THIS SAFETY DEVICE IN YOUR HOMES! Oh my, Caps lock was on. I hope you don't mind if I don't re-write all of that!
Please remember that Wednesday is picture day. Please check the school website for any other pertinent information on upcoming events.