Kindness for Kayden and dress down tomorrow.

posted Oct 7, 2015, 12:20 PM by Lorraine Lonegan
This afternoon we went to an assembly in our gym with all the St. Leo's students where we got the opportunity to meet superhero Kayden Kinkle. Kayden is a boy just our age who , due to birth complications, wears 2 prosthetic legs. He came to visit us today so we could learn that people with disabilities are not different on the inside and love to do the same things we do. Kayden played basketball with our students  Mark, Meredith, and Brenda after the assembly.  It was lovely and frankly overwhelming to see the uninhibited love children share as they do not have the built in fears of adults. I am so proud of your children today. I hope you will allow me to call them "our" children.
Tomorrow is a dress down day. By donating a dollar or more to help Kayden's family with his medical bills, you will be entitled to dress down.  Have a great night. Please add Kayden and his family to your prayer intentions. Thank you!