Firefighter visit was today.

posted Oct 8, 2015, 11:18 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Firefighters from Elmwood Park visited St. Leo's today. They brought a truck right into our schoolyard  and told us all about fire safety. The children were very good listeners and I think they really learned a lot. I introduced fire safety to the students before the visit and reviewed it with them after. I recommend that you discuss this at home as well. We reinforced the lesson by enjoying a fire safety Weekly Reader and coloring a picture. Both of these projects are in your child's backpack. 
If you have not sent in $5.00 for our class tricky tray basket, please send it in tomorrow or Tuesday. Please put the money in an envelope labeled Hope Gander c/o Owen. Mrs. Gander will be making the basket for us along with Mrs. Sisco of Transitions.
Tomorrow is the end of Camp Kindness here at St. Leo's. The kindness your children have shown is growing always. I know PreK-3 will be a kind place all year.