Field Day information and more.

posted Apr 22, 2016, 10:25 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Field Day is May 26. It is the Thursday before our long Memorial Day weekend. The way PreK-3 celebrates field day is with activities in the back playground. We do  not cross the street with the upper school grades.  The Early Childhood faculty sets up separate games in back for our age level. We also rent the "Fun Bus" for each group to get a 20 minute playtime in the bus.  Culminating the activities is an outside picnic lunch provided by the Home School Association. You have received a T-Shirt order form. If you choose---not mandatory--- you may order a T-Shirt for your child. Adult shirts are available also. No color needs to be chosen. Only the size. Color will be ordered as teams are decided. These forms MUST be in by Tuesday, April 26 if you want to order. No late orders will be accepted as they will be sent to the printer to get the order started immediately. 
We talked a lot about Earth Day today. The children have an Earth Day project in their back pack to show you. Have a wonderful weekend.  Try to get to the Variety show tonight at 7. It will be great!