A Special Visitor

posted Nov 3, 2015, 12:27 PM by Lorraine Lonegan
Tomorrow morning our class will be hosting a very special visitor. Kayden Kinkle, the three year old boy who came to visit our school during kindness week, will be spending some time in our classroom. Kayden was born with his cord cutting off blood to his legs, so they had to be amputated at the knee. He is facing another surgery later this month and his Mom would like him to have some fun times before his hospital stay.  
This is a very special gift that our children can learn about people with disabilities. We  discussed this morning how only Kayden's legs don't work, but he is able to do pretty much everything we all do anyway! He is just like us on the inside, and his love and kindness is what matters most -as it is with all of us. I also told the children that my husband is blind, which he is, so if that comes up- they are telling you the truth. Mrs. Draney will be spending that time with our class, as will Kayden's Mom. We are looking forward to giving Kayden a really enjoyable morning. 
Today we reinforced letter H, which I introduced yesterday. We also had a voting session on this election day in which we voted for the fire truck as the classroom favorite toy over the castle 5-1. The reinforcement sheet and the voting project are in your child's backpack today.
Don't forget to vote!