A great way to start a week!

posted Nov 9, 2015, 10:39 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
This week will be letter I week. This morning we learned the way upper case I and lower case i look. We learned the long and short sounds that letter I can make and did our introductory work page about letter I. Their coloring ability is getting better and better! I think today's work was the best any of the children ever did!
Today we were very lucky to be invited to the triple A/ Elmwood Park Police Department's presentation of" Otto the Auto". The children were told about how they need to be safe when crossing the street. It was a fun and informative assembly program.
This morning was made even better by having Mrs. Torres teach us a Spanish lesson. That is in your child's bookbag also. 
This year for the first time, St. Leo's School will have a school-wide Thanksgiving feast on the half day Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Mrs Draney, who is co-ordinating this event, asks that each student in PreK-3 bring in 2 cans of cranberry sauce by Friday. Please send your donation in as soon as possible as we are all sharing and your child will be eating what others contribute. We ask that all products are nut free. Thanks!
I will be publishing an addendum with pictures from" Otto the Auto" shortly. Just waiting till they get to me! Be sure to check them out.