A busy day

posted Jan 20, 2016, 11:34 AM by Lorraine Lonegan
Our class had a wonderful and busy day today. We reinforced our letter of the week -O-  and our paper from today is in your child's backpack. We had a hunt in the classroom and everyone found an Orange Object to show their friends. We had music class today. Music is usually on Tuesday, but Mrs. N. had a schedule change and asked us to come today. We were very fortunate to go to the gym and see Miss Gerlach's third grade class re-enact Pioneer Days. The class divided up into groups and showed us how a pioneer child would do tin punching, quill pen writing, making butter, button in the cup game,draughts, (checkers), jackstraws (pick up sticks) pioneer songs, and pioneer clothing. The third graders did an excellent job and we enjoyed it very much. Check out Miss Gerlach's blog, I'm sure she posted some cute pictures. 
Please check out the family folder tab on the St. Leo's website. I can not stress this enough as there are SO MANY things going on right now that you need to see them and decide about participating in these activities for yourself.
Catholic School's week begins with 10:30 Mass on Sunday, January, 31. We would love to have all of the children attend if possible. Mass will be followed by an open house for new students. That will be in the school until 2 pm. The schedule for Catholic School's week is lengthy and it will be published on the website shortly if it isn't already there.  I am writing this now so you know that these events are some of the MUST SEE things on the website. 
Lastly, be careful and warm in this cold spell. Apparently, there are only 20ish weeks left till summer!