September 27

posted Sep 27, 2016, 12:34 PM by Lorraine Lonegan

Today was a great day!

Thursday is field day

posted May 23, 2016, 11:29 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

This Thursday, May 26, is field day at St. Leo's.  The preschool classes have a different activity schedule than the upper grades. We stay in the back lot and play our games there. We do not want the small children crossing the street and we also have the Fun Bus coming for our little ones so it needs to pull into the back playground. 
If your child ordered a field day shirt, it will be arriving soon. The children should wear that shirt or their regular uniform shirt and the uniform shorts or sweatpants, whichever the weather dictates. NO SANDALS! All children must wear sneakers.  Keep in mind we are planning activities with shaving cream, bubbles, and water, so your child will get messy and could possibly get wet. 
Your child will need to bring a bottle of water labeled with their name and a beach towel. If you want your child to wear sunscreen, you MUST apply it at home. I am not permitted to put it on your child. A small snack of pretzels and water will be provided by the teachers, so do not send in snack. Lunch is also provided on field day for the whole school. After the games, the Home School Association cooks us a sumptuous barbecue lunch. At the end of the day, 1 O'clock, all students will be dismissed. There is NO aftercare on Thursday field day. 
The Fun Bus is a great activity space for our kids. A school parent, Mrs. Chrissy Truberg, owns and operates this business and takes this specially outfitted bus to schools for activity times and is available for birthday parties. You may call the school if you have any other questions regarding the Fun Bus. 

Numbers and Science

posted May 10, 2016, 10:50 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

This week we are working on some projects that won't be coming home for awhile. We started learning the numbers, but we are saving all of our papers to make a complete numbers 1-10 booklet. It will be sent home when it is complete. We also did a study of butterfly life cycle. Unfortunately, as Science sometimes goes, our experiment did not have the outcome we hoped. All of the caterpillars that were sent to me died. I even ordered an extra set for Miss Lisa to take home and watch with her children. They all died too. The class saw the dead caterpillars and they are disappointed, as am I. However it is a life lesson so we will have to accept this as another learning opportunity.  We did a project about the life cycle and it is now hanging in the school hallway. 
Please try to attend the school fundraiser at Barnes and Noble on Route 17S in Paramus this Friday night.  More details are available on the school website. 

Z week

posted May 5, 2016, 10:42 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

What a busy Z week we had! I can not believe we are done with the alphabet. Next week we will start writing numbers 1 ,2, and 3. This week in addition to learning letter Z we talked a lot about caterpillars and plants. I purchased caterpillars for the classroom and we are watching and waiting for the stages in  which they will become a butterfly. We also had a lesson on plants. Today we planted marigold seeds and they should be sprouting within 7-14 days. We will be doing both a plant and butterfly project next week also. Today we colored a page honoring Cinco de Mayo. The most important thing we did this week is still a secret-until Mother's Day Sunday that is! We hope all the Mommies like the presents we made!

Important information____Tomorrow is a 12:15 dismissal day.

Letter Y week and other news

posted Apr 26, 2016, 10:28 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

This week we are working on Letter Y.  The introduction sheet came home yesterday and today I sent home the reinforcement sheet.  In class we read the book, "The Yak who yelled Yuk!"  Today we had music class and yesterday we had technology integration. 
Tomorrow we will be doing two gluing projects, one about letter Y and one about Spring. 
We started practicing for end of the year show which will take place on June 10 at 8:30, in our classroom. It will be followed by refreshments. You are welcome to attend with grandparents too! That will be our last session for the year. Please make arrangements to bring your child home with you that day, as that completes the school year.  I will be writing with more details o this in the upcoming weeks. I just want you to save the date!

Field Day information and more.

posted Apr 22, 2016, 10:25 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

Field Day is May 26. It is the Thursday before our long Memorial Day weekend. The way PreK-3 celebrates field day is with activities in the back playground. We do  not cross the street with the upper school grades.  The Early Childhood faculty sets up separate games in back for our age level. We also rent the "Fun Bus" for each group to get a 20 minute playtime in the bus.  Culminating the activities is an outside picnic lunch provided by the Home School Association. You have received a T-Shirt order form. If you choose---not mandatory--- you may order a T-Shirt for your child. Adult shirts are available also. No color needs to be chosen. Only the size. Color will be ordered as teams are decided. These forms MUST be in by Tuesday, April 26 if you want to order. No late orders will be accepted as they will be sent to the printer to get the order started immediately. 
We talked a lot about Earth Day today. The children have an Earth Day project in their back pack to show you. Have a wonderful weekend.  Try to get to the Variety show tonight at 7. It will be great! 

Earth Day Dress Down

posted Apr 21, 2016, 10:31 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

Tomorrow, Friday April 22 is Earth Day. The children are permitted to dress down in green and blue for a one dollar donation. Tomorrow is also Friday and show and tell day in the classroom. 
Today in school we talked about Earth  Day and did an Earth Day project. It came home in your child's backpack today. We also read the book "Biscuit's Earth Day" The children had library time with Mrs. Geisler today and gym class with Mr. Parillo. 
Tomorrow we will be doing another Earth Day project and we will have computer class.

Your Fabulous children

posted Apr 13, 2016, 10:30 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

Unfortunately this morning your child had to encounter an unpleasant moment when we were evacuated from the school building to the church basement. Someone who was obviously not thinking clearly called in a threat to our police department among others. We were in the church for approximately an hour and a half. I had each child quickly grab their lunch box as we exited and I grabbed some books, so we were in good shape while we were sequestered. The children behaved beautifully and not one "I'm scared" or tear was shed. I told them that someone who did not belong in our school building may have come in so the police were going to check the building to make sure there was no stranger to take out.  It is so unfortunate that your children and my grandchildren will live with this as their norm.  I want to assure you that this process from start to finish went very well. St. Leo's has an excellent emergency plan with contingencies for many types of emergencies. This plan was written with input from the Elmwood Park Police Department and is carefully studied by our faculty and staff. I am very proud of your children, our faculty, staff, administration, the E.P Police, and Fire Department who all worked so well together this morning to ensure the safety of your children. On to Thursday with a smile!

A Wonderful Week

posted Apr 11, 2016, 10:27 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

Letter W week looks to be a wonderful week. Today we completed the letter W introduction page and listened to the sound of W through our sound phones. Mrs Palmieri came into our room and worked on whiteboard game us with during our Tech integration period.  We had a Spanish class with Ms. Torres today also. Tomorrow we will reinforce letter W and have music class. 
Remember, there is NO SCHOOL this Friday, 4/15. The faculty will be having a retreat day. There is also NO SCHOOL on Monday 4/18. The faculty has professional day meetings. Thank You .

Tomorrow ---Friday April 8

posted Apr 7, 2016, 10:18 AM by Lorraine Lonegan

Tomorrow is show and tell. A few of the children have been forgetting, so I wanted to send this reminder.  Tomorrow is also a dress down day. The preferred color is purple. A donation of $1.00 is requested for this dress down and it will be donated to the Lustgarten foundation for Pancreatic cancer research. 
Today to reinforce the letter V  we made the lovely plate of vegetables that is in your child's backpack. We also read a very funny book featuring Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert called "Vegetable Soup"
The children had library with Mrs. Geisler today and also gym with Mr. Parillo.
Yesterday I did not blog, but I hope you enjoyed the vowel letter project that came home. Please be sure to check the inside of the religion page that came home yesterday also. The children cut out the shapes that they glued!  They are doing well with the scissors. Please keep practicing this skill with them at  home now and through the summer as they are expected to cut most things themselves next year in both Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Arcuri's classes. 

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