May 31,2017: Tomorrow the Home School Association is sponsoring Water Day for the preschool  and Kindergarten classes. Your child may come to school dressed for water fun. A cover up or t- shirt must be worn if your child chooses to wear a bathing suit. Make sure to send in a change of clothing also. Water Day is from 10 -11:30 tomorrow morning. Parents are welcome to attend. Please put your child's sunscreen on at home if you want them to wear it.  You may refer to the flyer that was sent home in your child"s backpack for further information.
May 25,2017: Field Day tomorrow will go on rain or shine. We may have to do activities indoors, but we will have a fun day nonetheless. Please send your child to school in their field day t-shirt and either the Saint Leo shorts or sweatpants. NO SANDALS- sneakers only. If it turns out to be a sunny day and you would like your child to wear sunscreen, you must apply it at home  I am not permitted to do that task by school rules. 
Further details regarding the time of the barbecue lunch will be on the home page or will be sent tonight in an email through the office. Thank You!

APRIL 12,2017: Have a wonderful and restful Easter break!
April 10,2017: I sent home a hard copy today of important messages regarding the next few days. Please look for this message in your child's folder. Your child may bring in an Easter Egg for the school-wide Easter Egg contest. Tomorrow is the last day for entries. Please see more on the home web page. 
We are so glad that Spring is here! Please enjoy our break and have a Blessed Easter. 
April 4,2017: I hope you got the hard copy messages I sent home yesterday. All of the children may bring in their show and tell on Thursday since there is no school on Friday. Please check the school calendar tab on the St. Leo website to get the specifics about our upcoming Easter break.
We had a very nice day today talking about and dressing for baseball opening day. Our project which is coming home today is all about baseball too! We are also working on letter w this week and number 8. 
March 29,2017: Today turned out to be a sunny bright day and Miss Lilly and I were able to get the children outside for some fresh air. We are hoping that Spring is here to stay and that we can spend more time outside.
I have some important news notes for you. This Friday is a noon dismissal for all of the children with NO aftercare. Next Friday, April 7, there is NO school. The faculty will be doing a retreat with other teachers from nearby Catholic Schools. 
If it is at all possible, please consider bringing in either a few Elmer's glue sticks, A tube of Clorox disinfecting wipes ,or a pack of baby wipes. We are out of all of these products. Thank You!
We have been decorating the hallway and classroom with all of our class projects lately. Today  we sent home a project about letter V and Vowels. 
March 21, 2016: Today was a very busy day. We made a "Season Square:" in honor of welcoming Spring. We heard a letter U story and spent some time in the Library. We are working on having the children understand their schedule by using the clock. We spent time this morning showing how the small hand points to the hour number and asked them to show us certain hours on a clock with hands. They are so smart and they love accomplishing all of their tasks. Miss Lilly and I are so very proud of them!
March 16, 2017: Welcome back!It was so nice to see all of the children after our snow siesta.Tomorrow will be our St. Patrick's Day celebration. Since parents who were assigned this party will be bringing snacks, you do not need to send in a snack for your child. The children may dress down in green tomorrow.
 Please send your child's progress report back with your signature. I will be needing it to record and send back to you in June. Thank You!
March 10,2017: Some things I would like you to know for Monday.  On Monday I will be sending home your child's Progress Report. This is a good guideline of the work we have been doing to date and what we will be looking to continue with for the remainder of the year. 
Monday is a dress down day. It is a fundraiser for St. Jude's hospital. If you would like to contribute, your child may dress down in an outfit of your choice for a small donation to this worthy cause. 
March 23 is another dress down for a cause day. If you wish to donate to the Pancreatic Cancer fund, please send in a donation and have your child dress down in purple. 
Ms. Koval has not made an official announcement, but I am assuming we will be having a green dress down for fun on St. Patrick's Day March 17. If you were assigned to bring something to our class party that day, you may send it in at any time. If you forgot your assignment please contact me or Tara Keenan. 
February 14,2017: We had a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration today thanks to all of your gifts and donations. Miss Lilly and I sincerely wish all of our families a very happy and love filled day. You are so good to us. 
I want to remind you that show and tell is an on-going part of our schedule. It will continue on Thursdays and Fridays for the rest of the year. Please remember to send in show and tell on your day this week!
February 13,2017: Happy almost Valentine's Day. February has flown by . Catholic School's Week was  busy and with February following bringing cold weather and many holidays, it is  hard to keep up! The children are doing so well. They are growing up so much and learning so much. Miss Lilly and I are  in love with them. 
For Valentine's Day tomorrow, Miss Koval has given the school a dress down day in Valentine colors. We will be having a small celebration in the classroom . We are also celebrating Sara's birthday tomorrow! You are welcome to send in Valentine cards for the class if you wish. We have a new little lovey, Ella, (Ellasyn) who has joined us in 2017.
Here is the complete list of student's first names: Aubrey, Ariana, Alex, Alyssa, Daniel, Emilia, Ellasyn,Ethan, Grace, Joy, Jacob, Mikey, Sara, Sebastian, Sofia Mickoski, Sofia Montelbano. 
This week we will also be reviewing letter R and doing projects for Lincoln's and Washington's birthday.
January 24, 2017: I sent home important hard copy notices today that I need you to read. One is about show and tell in the classroom which starts this Thursday and Friday. I believe the letter explains it well, but you may email me if you have any questions. 
 In addition, there is a lot going on next week for Catholic School's week that you need to be prepared for. I sent home the schedule with a small explanation but I want to tell you about two more things on the schedule. The dress for Thursday 2/2 is dress like a nut day. That means silly dress like non matching socks, a plaid shirt, and orange pants. You get it, as mismatched as possible.  Tomorrow I am sending home the hard copy of a form for you to return if you are able to donate an international dish for next Tuesday's International Day . Each of the children will get a chance to taste these dishes  at our school-wide feast.  This form is also available in the family folder if you wish to print it out at home. 
Please check the Family Folder and the St. Leo web page regularly. There is a lot going on. As you can see from the schedule, next week is also the Scholastic Book Fair Sunday through Tuesday. Please look for your child's scheduled day on the website or in any hard copy I may send home.
January 12,2017:This week we have been working on letter o. We learned what letter o looks like and that it has two sounds. The letter o introduction sheet and the octopus picture came home this week. We also sent home the winter mittens and the religion work. 
Show and Tell will be starting the week of 1/23. There will be 16 students in the class so I would like to have 8 students bring show and tell on Thursdays and 8 students bring Show and tell on Fridays. Thursdays will be Alex, Ariana, Aubrey, Alyssa, Daniel, Emilia, Ethan, and Ella. Friday will be the day for Grace, Joy, Jacob ,Mikey, Sara, Sebastian, Sofia, and Sofia.  The children may bring one item of their choice. (A set of 3 PJ masks is 3 items not one)  I will DEFINITELY send this home on hard copy next week. 
Tomorrow we will be discussing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy and creating a likeness of him as a project.
Remimder: School is closed on Monday.
January 6,2017: Another successful week comes to a close. We had a wonderful experience learning about the letter N and winter. Have a wonderful weekend. Make sure to email me at any time with any questions or concerns you may have. 
January 4,2017: Happy New Year!  Thank you so much to everyone for the extremely generous Christmas gifts that you gave to me and Miss Lilly. I hope you had a restful holiday and that 2017 brings health, peace, and prosperity to your family. 
  We are starting the New Year off on letter N week. N for New! We read our letter N stories and we will do our letter N book project tomorrow. Today we made a fantastic winter decoration for the classroom which incorporated the math skills of position words. We asked the students to glue the decorations in certain spots following our position instructions. They are very well done. 
Please remember that this Friday is a "First Friday" and therefore a 12 noon dismissal.  

DECEMBER 21,2016: We had a wonderful Polar Express Day. We watched most of the movie, we drank hot chocolate and we made the fantastic Polar Express train that the children  
brought home today. Everyone looked fantastic in their pajamas!  
A lot of you have been asking me for the names of the children in the class. Here are their first names. Alex, Alyssa, Aubrey, Ariana, Daniel, Ethan, Emilia, Grace, Jacob, Joy, Mikey, Sara, Sebastian, Sofia Mickoski, Sofia Montelbano. Joining us in January wil be Ella.
Noon dismissal tomorrow from back playground entrance. No aftercare. 
December 20,2016:  Remember tomorrow is Pajama Day! Thursday is a half day, our party, and the last day before break!
December 19,2016:  Thank you so much! The kids were AWESOME today. Miss Lilly and I are so proud of them!
December 16,2016:  Main news is about the show on Monday. Please dress your child in Christmas clothes. There will be refreshments following the show, which will last approximately 50 minutes. Please make time to stay and enjoy cookies and juice afterwards with your child.  Some people choose to bring their child home after the program, some do not. Whatever is convenient for you is permissible.  Please read my recent posts to this page so you can see where your child will be standing during the performance and you can choose your seat accordingly. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 
December 15,2016: More news notes. Class parties will be held on our last day before break. This is a half day with NO aftercare. It is Thursday the 22. If you were asked by the class parents to bring in an item for this party, please bring it in that day or before. In yesterday's email, all of the children's names are listed. If you would like to send in a small Christmas goodie bag or cards for classmates, you may use that list. Honestly, some people do this and some do not. Do what you feel you are capable of this season. No pressure, everyone has different holiday energy levels and time blocks .We all do what we can when we can. 
New parents--- Joy, Alyssa, Grace and if others arrive in January---- you will be assigned the 100 day party which was not originally on the list. It usually falls in the Valentine's day week. I will let you know the exact day when it gets closer. 
Today we enjoyed making the Santa paper bag puppet. We hope you like it! 
December 14,2016: There are many important things in your child's folder today. The Polar Express ticket is a reminder of the PJ day that is coming up. We may watch a bit of the movie but it is extremely long so I doubt it will keep their attention. We will do some train activities that day and keep it fun and festive. 
There are two great projects in the folder too. Yesterday we read "Santa Mouse" and made his picture.  Today we made the picture of "Mouse Mess." Both of these books had the letter M sound and rhyming words. We paid special attention to them in both books whenever they popped up. 
We have been practicing on the stage this week for our big show on the 19. They are doing so so well! The only thing we are having a little problem with is keeping them in the right spot in their height order, Christmas tree style line. (Tallest in middle, height going down to shortest on sides)  Please remind your child to stay in the line we put them in and not pop out to another spot. We are even numbering the children to help them out! Here is the line up if you want to choose your child's side of the gym to sit. 
Looking at the stage: Far right starts Mikey,Grace,Alex, Alyssa, Daniel, Ariana, Emilia, and Joy in the middle. Down from Joy going to the left as you are looking at the stage are Sara, Sofia Montelbano, Aubrey, Sebastian, Jacob, Sofia Mickoski, and Ethan.  My tree of Threes! Couldn't be more proud!
December 12,2016: This week is letter M week. Shout out to Mikey who begins with the letter M! This week we will be doing both letter M projects and Christmas projects. Some will come home and some will be surprises!
Two important dates coming up are December 19. Our Christmas Show at 9 AM in the gym. The children should wear their Christmas best! We are going to look so pretty on stage! On December 21 we will be wearing PJ's for our Polar Express pajama day! 
Today was a fun day. We used our watercolor paints and painted Christmas trees! I will send them home tomorrow. 
December 9,2016: We had a great week. We studied first, next, and last for sequencing skills. We learned the sound of letter L and we made some fantastic Christmas decorations. Next week we will be busy practicing for our Christmas show! 
This is a note from our nurses that I need to share with you. Nurse Nancy Kelly writes," With the flu vaccine deadline approaching soon, the nurses need to remind you to please send in your child's vaccine information if you have not already done so. If you have any questions regarding the vaccine, please call the school office and they will connect you with the nurse. Thank-You!"
You really do need to do this It is mandated for Pre-K in all NJ schools. The school and the medical staff can not allow your child to stay enrolled if the deadline comes and there are no records. I know that many of you have already taken care of this, but if you have not, please do so right away as it is critical.
Have a wonderful weekend!
December 7,2016: We have been practicing sequencing this week. The children are doing a wonderful job with it. The "Mary had a Little Lamb" sequencing project we worked on today is in their backpack folder.Please encourage your child to tell you about it. Working on the concept at home with 3 items First, Next, and Last will help your child master this skill. 
Tomorrow and Friday will be shopping days for Santa's shop. Please send in the envelope and money if you would like your child to make a purchase. It is a lot of fun for them and they especially like to buy something for themselves, so I always ask that you consider sending in a few dollars for them to choose something they like.
December 5,2016: I hope you all got the message from the school office regarding December dates. Miss Koval also sent a message of correction regarding the date posted in that email of our  Christmas show. As previously stated, our show is on December 19 at 9 AM in the gym. One thing to add to the December dates list is December 21. That day is  Pajama Day. We will be having a Polar Express themed day and all are encouraged to wear pajamas. Miss Lilly and I certainly will be! 
This week is letter L week. We will be working on the sound of letter l and  we will also be making Christmas decorations this week. 
November 30,2016: We are working on letter K this week and also doing the last of our autumn projects. Tomorrow we are already in the month of December! It's hard to believe we have been together for 3 full months already. The most important thing that I need to to remind you about is the conferences this week! Please re-read my last post for the conference details. I hope to see you then!
November 28,2016: On Friday of this week, we will be having parent conferences in the gym from 1-3 and 5-7. You may come to the gym when you are available during those hours. I will be able to speak with you individually in the order which you arrive. If  you are not able to make it at all this Friday, please email me at so that we can set up an appointment. I would really appreciate this feedback from you so that I know when everyone is accommodated and I do not wait for you if you are not available Friday.  Friday is a twelve o'clock dismissal  in the back schoolyard with NO AFTERCARE.
November 22, 2106: A short but exciting week.  We read more books about Thanksgiving and did Thanksgiving projects. There is a beautiful feast project in your child's folder today and also a small booklet that we read together about table manners.  Tomorrow the class will sing "Thank You Lord" as the prayer to start off St. Leo's school-wide feast. We practiced today with PreK-4 and Kindergarten.  The children are really growing up and Miss Lilly and I are having such a nice time with them. Have a safe and wonderful vacation!
 November 18,2016: My what a busy week! This week we learned the sound and visual of letters Jj.  We are also getting ready for Thanksgiving. This week 
our projects included pictures of Native Americans, pilgrims, and a cornucopia. We read books about the First Thanksgiving and about letter J. The two birthdays we celebrated this week were  Ethan and Joy. We had such wonderful treats!
Thanks to all of the families for being so generous for our social concerns Thanksgiving baskets. I think this is the most food I have ever collected. The cranberry sauce will be used for our school wide feast this coming Wednesday. 
Have a wonderful weekend!
November 10,2016:  Today we did a reinforcement lesson on letter I. We learned a fun song called "I love I words" and identified I words on our papers. This lesson came home in your child's back pack today.  I am so glad that the weather is holding up to give us beautiful days for outside recess. We learn, we play, we have friends, we sing and dance! This is the best place in the world! 
So sorry I missed doing a shout out to Alex for his birthday this past Tuesday. Happy birthday Alex- hope you had a fantastic day and thank you for the treats and goodie bags!
November 9,2016: Today we learned the look and sound of letter I. We did our letter I project for our end of the year alphabet book but it accidentally went home in your child's backpack folder today. Could you send it back if it went home at noon dismissal? Thank-You! 
We made a lovely "America" project that will be given to the veterans by the upperclassmen on Friday. St. Leo's older children join the town at the Veteran's Day Service at the park across the street. This will take place at 1 1 A. M. on Friday. At that time, Mrs. Amato will give our American survival kits to the vets who are present at the ceremony. 
Our kits contain:
 A crayon to color our nation happy and bright
 A Flag, the symbol of our great nation's freedom
An eraser to erase all our fears.
A tootsie Roll to help us "roll" with the punches
A rubber band to allow us to stay flexible
A penny for wealth and good fortune 
The children had fun counting out the six objects and placing them in the bags labeled for distribution. Each child made two kits. I have to admit, the Tootsie Roll I gave them to eat when they finished their work was definitely their favorite part. 
November 8,2016: Sorry I did not write yesterday! The staycation farm trip on our playground was so much fun. The children were able to pet ,feed, and brush the animals and have a pony ride.  I have to say, it was really one of the most memorable and enjoyable days I have had in a Pre K class. Thank you Miss Pazar Kindergarten teacher for putting it together, to Miss Koval for allowing the farmers, and to all of you for paying and participating. It was well worth it. 
Today we had an election at St. Leo School. All of the children including ours were taken up to the conference room and given a ballot to vote. Our ballot was regarding which animal we liked best. The results are in! The fox won as St. Leo School favorite animal. Have a wonderful evening and I wonder how late we will all be up tonight!?
November 4,2016:  In preparation for tonight's Tricky Tray, we had our own tricky tray here in the classroom and everyone won a prize! What a fun time we had counting out our tickets as we received them and then counted again as we put them in the prize cups. The children were so excited when their names were called and they won. I am hoping that each of us who attend the tricky tray tonight leave The Fiesta with that same feeling!  
Monday is our backyard field trip. The class is rally looking forward to this fun day. 
Have a wonderful weekend!
November 3, 2016: We had such a busy day today. We completed 3 work projects, did all of our learning time jobs, ate snack, and played  outside at recess! In your child's backpack today you will find the letter H reinforcement sheet for today, Hats for hippo. We also had a fantastic shapes lesson and then made the H and math project you now have - "My shape House". Letter H, shapes, and colors! What could be more fun than that?
The answer to that question is, "Our staycation farm trip on Monday!"  Thank you all for sending in your payments and being so receptive to this new idea. I love it and I am really looking forward to a wonderful day filled with fun and learning.
Please remember that there is a 12 noon dismissal tomorrow as all of  the teachers Archdiocese wide are going to Mass at the Cathedral in Newark. 
November 2,2016: I can't believe I am writing November! These past two months have gone by so quickly! Your children are really growing up and acclimating to the every day routine of the classroom. Miss Lilly and I are really proud of them! Halloween was such a fabulous day. Thank you for all the support that you give us. 
Please send in your money for the fun experience fall field trip tomorrow. Remember, it is taking place here in our back playground this coming Monday- November 7.
This Friday is a 12 noon dismissal day. the teachers will be attending Mass at the Newark Cathedral. 
October 26,2016: What an AMAZING day we had today! We started off at an assembly with the other elementary grade students hearing a wonderful book . A good friend of St. Leo's school, Justin Fatica, who runs Hard AS NAILS MINISTRY, came here and read us the book "You Are Amazing" that he wrote. Justin and his ministry travel all over the country as missionaries spreading love and understanding just as Jesus taught us to do.  He is offering another session here tonight for all families and all family members at 7:30 in the gym. 
To clarify the sweatshirt dilemma, the statement on the order form that states that it is the only that can be worn is meant for the older students who wear zip ups over their uniform. We stay with our uniform sweatshirt. Of course, you may order a zip up for your child if you wish.  
Today's project of colors and shapes came home with your child in their folder at the end of the day. 
There is NO SCHOOL THIS FRIDAY. The teachers have a professional development meeting in Kearny. 
October 25,2016: Today we reviewed letter G and it's sound. We read My letter G book in our class and Mrs. Geisler, our librarian, came to our classroom and read us two Halloween books! As a project, we made Mummies. They are so cute that I hung them in the hallway. We sent home the 5 Little Pumpkins project that had been hanging out there for a while. Miss Lilly and I hope you like it!
On Halloween Monday, please send your child to school in costume. No swords or guns please. We will have a school-wide Halloween parade at 11 P.M in the rear schoolyard. All are welcome to attend. After the parade, the class will have a bagel treat provided by the H.S.A. 
Please check your child's backpack today for other important notices including one about our in house class trip!
October 24,2016: Welcome  to letter G week!  I introduced letter G and it's hard sound. That is the sound it makes in the words God, gorilla, and good. I did tell the students that g sometimes steals J's sound  in a word like giraffe, but for the Pre K 3, I am going to keep it simple and stick with hard g.
We made two projects today.We used Green paint to fill in our upper and lower case g project for our alphabet book. We also made a Green and Gold Ghost to hang in our classroom. 
The children had a wonderful gym class with Mr. P. today. 
October 20,2016:  Our class made two projects today. We colored our letter f reinforcement sheet, which came home in the backpack today, and we made a candy corn decoration for our classroom. We have a little extra time on Thursdays now as technology has not started for us due to the adjustment of the children this age with the school itself, to handle a technology instrument posts its own challenge. Therefore, Mrs. Palmieri and Miss Koval have decided to hold us off a little longer. 
Please stress to your child that they may NOT run ahead of the teachers and enter the classrooms or gym before we catch up. I tell them constantly and yet, as a three year old is wont to do, they run ahead with gusto and do not grasp the seriousness of this issue.  
October 19,2016:  Today our lesson was about colors, matching, counting, and sorting. The scary bats on our work page were sorted and then matched with the color on the paper. Next, we glued and counted each color and the total. We also saw a poster about real bats and learned that they come out at night , sleep upside down, and use echolocation to find their prey.
Mrs. N. had a super music class for us today and we started learning the songs we will be singing at our Christmas Show!
If you have not sent in your $5.00 donation to the class basket, please do so as soon as possible. Mrs. Keenan is putting the basket together soon. 
St. Leo School's annual pumpkin decorating contest is coming up! All grades can enter.All pumpkins should be brought to school on October 25 or 26. Judging will be on October 27. Top 5 pumpkins will win prizes. Be creative!
October 18, 2016: Letter "F" Week
We had a wonderful day today. Letter F is for Firefighter and today we colored a picture of a firefighter. The Fair Lawn truck visited yesterday while I was absent and I understand the children had a wonderful experience! Thank you to Mr. Palmieri, chief in Fair Lawn, for bringing your rig here to us. Yesterday, Miss Lilly and Mrs. Fessel worked with the children to make paper fish. Wasn't their cutting spectacular? Thank you so much to both of them. This week we will be making more decorations for Halloween. Planned are a candy corn and a Mummy. 
Ariana had a special birthday last week and Sofia Montelbano's is coming up at the end of the month.  
We are having a wonderful letter D week. So far we have learned what letter D looks like and sounds like. We read lots of books about letter D. Two of the books we read were  "Detective Dog and the Disappearing Donuts" and" My letter D" book.  Two projects came home this week so far. Our Dot the dog project we made with colorful dot paints and the dinosaur hatching from the egg we colored so beautifully. Mrs. Lonegan and Miss Lilly hope that you like them! Our Monday project won't be coming home because we are saving it for our alphabet book. Tomorrow we are going to make "Dirt cups" from chocolate pudding!
This week is respect week here at St. Leo's School. We are learning about manners and kindness. Stop in and see Manners Mountain in the gym.  Many of our names are on it for showing kindness to others. I think all of our names will be there by the end of the week! Tomorrow afternoon we are having Camp Kindness Campfires in the gym at two o'clock. If your child leaves at noon and you would like to bring them back for the event please let me know. During this annual event the eighth graders moderate small group discussions  around the "campfire" regarding how we could bring kindness and respect to our world. 

Today is Tuesday, October 11. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had a great day today as we welcomed our new friend, Grace, to our class.  Today we were introduced to letter E. We heard that E has two sounds and saw the partner pair of upper case and lower case E. ( In this class we will be concentrating on short e sound.) Today we took our first step of tracing the name on our paper with a pencil. Mrs. Lonegan will be sending them home so you can encourage us to write at home and also to see how these came out! 
If anyone needs to take PROTECTING GOD's CHILDREN, go on the website VIRTUS right this minute! There is a class at St. Leo school tonight, 7PM in the gym.